Babbage Machine

Availible Technology in Infernal Steam 1888

  • Steam Engines (All Forms, including Turbine)
  • Sterling Engines (Safe in Home Power Plant)
  • Telephones and Telegraph
  • Electric Lights (Powered by Steam Powered Electricity Generators)
  • Babbage Analytical Engines (Mechanical Digital Computers, controlled by punch card, powered by sterling engine) These are very large like room sized, larger the better.
  • Zeppelins (The First Trans-Atlantic Voyage by Zeppelin was in 1876)
  • Photography (Eastman Just Filed Patent on Film Rolls)
  • Guns (Gatling Gun [Hand and Steam Powered], Revolvers, Muskets, Repeating Rifles (Revolver, Bolt, Lever), Shotguns)
  • Ammo (Paper Cartridge, Full Metal Cartridge are now fairly common)
  • Various Steam powered devices

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